I was sitting down at my desk thinking of what I should write about today when I got a SMS from a friend who is just embarking on her metaphysics journey. She was very concerned about the clashes in her chart and called me to discuss over it.

The conversation with her prompted me to write this article on clashes. A clash will bring about a movement, a change in your life, where the end results, be it good or bad, are dependent on whether the element that is clashed away is your favourable or unfavourable element.

This clash can be found either in your natal chart or when the luck pillar, annual year pillar comes in. The 6 clashes that we know in Bazi is Zi-Wu (Rat and Horse clash, basically Water vs Fire), Mao-You (Rabbit and Rooster clash, Wood vs Metal), Yin-Shen (Tiger and Monkey clash, Wood vs Metal), Si-Hai (Snake and Pig clash, Fire vs Water), Chen-Xu (Dragon and Dog clash, Earth vs Earth) and lastly Chou-Wei (Ox and Goat clash, Earth vs Earth).

So what must you take note of if you saw a clash present in your chart or there is an incoming clash? As there are many things we can decode from a clash, I will only touch on health issues that one may face in the event of a clash. If you see a

  • Zi-Wu clash – blood related or kidney issues
  • Mao-You clash – hepatobiliary , nerves, bones and limbs issues
  • Yin-Shen clash – liver, limbs and intestinal issues
  • Si-Hai clash – heart related issues, possible stroke, reproductive system and eyes related illness
  • Chen-Xu – Stomach related problems, colon cancer and skin issues
  • Chou-Wei – Stomach related problems and cancer 


Before you set yourself in a panic mode reading the above, take note that the issues stated above are not final. If you find yourself having such clashes in your chart, what it means is to take precaution. Have a healthy lifestyle and go for a full body check up annually to ensure your health is in tip-top condition. Knowing what may come means we have the choice to prevent it from happening to us. Having said that, let’s all take good care of our health! Afterall, you want to earn that money to enjoy life not to use that money to support a doctor.