Feng Shui House Audit

Ever wondered why some people seem to strike it big after they moved into a new house?

Do you feel that a lot of things seem not to be going your way ever since you shifted to this new place?

Why is the business opposite me striving while I am struggling to clinch in deals?

Chinese Metaphysics comprises of 3 main components, namely

  • Heaven Luck
  • Earth Luck
  • Man Luck

Each component accounts for about 33%. One way we can actively enhance our well-being and maximum potential is through the use of Feng Shui which takes care of Earth luck. Feng Shui is a tool that has been employed since the ancient times to enhance the positive energy otherwise known as “Qi” in our environment. When we successfully tap into the natural energy, we are able to realize our goals more easily.

We spent most of our time either at home or in our workplace. Hence by doing up the Feng Shui in these specific areas, we can improve the areas which are lacking and bring up the maximum potential of each and every occupants.