We list some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your quick reference. There may be other questions that we did not post up. Feel free to call/email us at realizedna@gmail.com for the answers to your questions that are not found here.


How is a typical house audit like?

The house audit can last up to few hours depending on the house. We will extend the auditing session as and when necessary. We start with checking out the external surroundings of the house before proceeding to the house itself. We will then proceed to suggest possible remedies to the clients.

Do I need to buy any products from you?

No. We will make use of whatever is already available in your house to do remedies or suggest the steps for you to take. Clients have the discretion to buy some products that we suggest on their own or get it through us.

​What do I need to prepare in the event of a house audit?

Normally just your house floor plan will do. If there is any extra things we require from you, we will let you know in advance.

What can I expect from a consultation reading?

We normally focus on the issues that you have on hand and offer solutions based on what we decipher from your charts. The usual consultation can last from 45 minutes to an hour but we extend the session should the client need further clarifications.

Must I offer my Bazi in order for you to do a reading? I do not feel comfortable in doing that. 

Yes, if you are doing a Bazi consultation with us. However, if you are not comfortable with letting us know your exact date and time of birth, we can employ other methods to do a reading for you. These methods of reading have proved to be as accurate as Bazi reading.

Can you give a discount if we are a group wanting to engage your services?

No. We pride ourselves on the quality of the consultations we provide.

Do you do overseas consultations?

Yes. We do. For readings, we fix a time and connect over Skype after receiving your payment through Paypal. For reports, the reports will be sent to you within a week once payment is received. For overseas house audits, please contact us for a quotation.