2020 started off to a pretty rocky start with massive news of Covid-19 and the increasing spread of the virus across many countries. The world economy is affected and this virus has changed the façade of working society. Social distancing is encouraged to stop the spread of Covid-19, telecommuting is advised among companies to keep the employees safe and countries are putting up travel bans to try to curb and contain the virus.

As everything seems to come to a standstill, I took this time to do some life reflections. During times like this, being socially responsible is very important but we have people with their “YOLO” mindsets that life should just go on as per normal and they should still be entitled to partying their lives away. However, what we can learn from this virus is no matter on how much you earn and how high your social status is, if your immune system gives up on you, how much money or power you held is of no use.

Many of us placed health as last priority when we are striving hard towards building our financial goals but without a healthy body, how can one work and live their so called dream life? Some people are born with a stronger immune system while some are not.

A quick look into your Bazi chart will show some insights to the potential health issues you may face in your life. There is nothing to be alarmed over it. All you need to do is to focus on the areas that your health may be lacking in and work on building the strength up.

A healthy body coupled with a positive mindset will help you reach your goals. I hope that all of us stay safe during this trying period of time and emerge stronger and better at the end of the day!