When I first started delving into this field of metaphysics, I met people who acted as victim. All because they have approached a lot of other masters who have commented on their chart being bad and hence they started to push all the bad happenings in their lives as something unavoidable and fated. Now, look at me. “STOP GIVING YOURSELF EXCUSES!”Can you define to me what is a bad chart? Every chart has its pros and cons. What is the purpose of going to see a bazi decoding master just to tell you your fate is sealed? And do not just buy any of the products they recommend you when they say all can be solved with just one item. It is not just about buying a product to boost your luck or block that mishap. IT is about taking proactive actions and from there if you feel that these products can help to give you the confidence boosting factor then go ahead to buy them. BUT before that, remember it is not about these products! It is about YOU! YOU are in control you have the ability to change your life!

Let me share a story with you which I hope can change your preconception about destiny. It was said that long ago the China emperor Qian Long met a prostitute when he was on his secret tour in Jiangnan. He got ashock when he got to know the Bazi chart of this prostitute. The chart was Ji earth for all 4 pillars (look at the Diagram below).

Hour Pillar


Day Master


Month Pillar  (月柱) Year Pillar      (年柱)
Ji Earth (己) Ji Earth (己) Ji Earth (己) Ji Earth (己)
Si Fire(巳) Si Fire(巳) Si Fire(巳) Si Fire(巳)


He was shocked as the Bazi chart coincides with his Empress. However there was a huge difference in terms of the status of the 2 women. He was puzzled and wanted to know why 2 ladies of the same Bazi can have totally different lives. He offered great rewards for anyone who could tell him the answer. One learned man told him the Empress being the first child of her noble family carries the attributes of a “phoenix” destiny (in Ancient China, every parent wished for their son to be a “dragon” and their daughter to be a “phoenix” as these 2 creatures are thought to be symbolic of greatness). The Snake in her chart was seen as transformation to a Phoenix (There is a saying that the snake is like a miniature version of the dragon). The prostitute was not the first born in her family hence she does not get to enjoy the phoenix attributes. However, there is a thing in common between the both of them. They get to meet and spend their time with a Great man (the Emperor) in this sense

So what is the morale of this story? Will 2 persons of the same Bazi have the same fate? The answer is no. They will experience different status quo, different relationships and different financial status. The environment they grew up in and the people surrounding them makes the difference. The only similarity in this set of people is that when the luck pillar strikes, they will experience almost the same encounter but of varying degree of outcome. So it means if you change your environment and mindset, you can definitely make a difference in your life.

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