As the death toll from Covid-19 virus shot up rapidly, I have more and more clients who have contacted me to ask my opinions on this situation. Of course, their main concern was when is this pandemic going to end?

Actually, when Covid-19 just started, I did a cast. The cast was not very optimistic but there were signs that it would take a break during July to October period before recurring again. When it comes to events like this, I do hope that the cast that I did is not accurate and things are not as bad as what the cast has shown.

There are bound to be many naysayers in this. How can you call yourself a master if you cannot predict accurately? Well, following one of my Bazi mentor’s words, I would love to predict everything accurately to the extent that your life goes exactly the way I describe it but hey what is the point of coming to me for a consultation if nothing you did can change the outcome. That is not what you are seeking in a consultation. My role is to help you change the outcome with your efforts so that you achieve all the good things that were mapped out in your natal chart and yet you manage to minimize the impact or eliminate any negative stuff that were meant to happen in your life.

So, for this Covid-19 case, I hope the collective efforts of everyone in the world would help to lessen the impacts of what Mother Nature is showing to us and we can soon find a cure for this virus. If everyone stays healthy and be socially responsible, coupled with the help of all medical staff and the government, I m sure everyone of us can walk out of this safely and emerge stronger.

As such, regardless of your religion or faith, I would like to use this opportunity to ask my readers to say a little prayer. Let us now pray that this will soon pass over. For those who have lost their loved ones and unable to say their last words to them due to quick cremation etc, I pray that you find the courage to let go and there is now peace in your hearts. For those who have passed on, I thank you for putting up a fight till the end and pray that you have now gone to a better place.

I like to say thank you to everyone who have spent some time in reading this article and done a little prayer. May good health always be with all of you!