I was having tea with my friends when one of them spilled the small glass of tea towards my direction. While we were panicking over the water spillage, my friends immediately exclaimed “OH! 水为财(meaning water is wealth) so it’s all good”.

I laughed at her comment. In my line of work, I always hear people telling me that water is wealth. Is this really true? Yes and no. I can immediately hear all the antis saying that I do not know my stuff. But let me explain what I mean by that.

In Fengshui, the flow of “Qi” or what we collectively know as energy is very important. With the right Qi flow, one is basically able to usher in the good opportunities or people you want to have in your life. So how does Qi travel? Through the waters and air. That’s why when we look at land formations, the formation of the waters and the mountains are so important. They determine how the Qi flows in order for us to get optimum results.

We can also track back to a bit of history. In the past, rivers are very important to livelihood. Water is an essential source to living and farmers require easy access to water for their agriculture and livestock. I assume that as time passes by, the phrase “Water is wealth” started to form.

Then when is water not wealth? Try placing a big fish tank or building a pond in the wrong sector of the house and see its effects. Doing this may not only make you suffer from bad health; in worst cases, we see bankruptcy. Some people will put a small water fountain feature at their door step to try to usher in wealth. To be honest, that amount of water is too minimal to drive in the Qi so such small water feature is really just for aesthetics purposes. And to be safe than to be sorry, I personally do not encourage any fish tank or pond in the house unless you have done a fengshui audit on your house.

In addition, look at those shops near the rivers and seas. If water is really wealth, all those shops located by the rivers should be getting thriving business but you may have realized some of these business cannot even survive through few months.

Now, do you still think water is wealth? Let me know your thoughts.