I know my readers would hate me if I say it depends but it really is. There is a catch to this question. My question did not indicate to you whether the luck cycles for the charts are good or bad.

Let’s look at this question again. Having a good chart is akin to driving a Ferrari car. Isn’t it awesome to be driving a Ferrari car compared to a slower car like Picanto? The specifications are totally different and ask any drivers, they will rather have a Ferrari in their garage than a Picanto.

However, if I now tell you that the Ferrari car travels on a bumpy road while the Picanto has a smooth expressway route, do you still think that having a Ferrari on this condition makes any sense?

The specs of the Ferrari is great, but I doubt that the process of driving through this bumpy path will be and definitely it will take a long tedious drive to reach your destination.So life is never about a single facet to it, we really have to analyse it on a multi-facet. Next, you may ask what happens to the Ferrari driver? Is he or she doomed for life? If he or she had the chance to get your chart interpreted, they may get to know how to make their path smoother and also what steps to undertake to achieve a better result.

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