Some believe that fishes bring prosperity and good luck. This may have grown from the fact that there are plentiful of Chinese blessings word phrases which are homophonic with the word fish for example “年年有余 ; as such some of the people started believing that rearing fishes in one’s house will bring in prosperity. However, let me forewarn you. Placing fish aquariums in the wrong sector of the house may bring about more undesirous effects than prosperity. It may cause bad health or in some cases, bankruptcy. And for those who are not suitable to have too much water in their lives may also find their luck turning for the worse.



Some New Age Fengshui practitioners apply the use of mirrors to block “sha qi” when there are pointed edges (which usually means buildings with their edges pointed towards your unit) towards your house. They said that it can block off the bad energy but let’s look at it scientifically. If someone is pointing a gun towards you and has the intention to shoot you with the bullet, can you avoid the bullet by using a mirror?


Queueing Up to Deposit Money on “Li Chun”

There are some practitioners who advocate depositing on the first day of Li Chun on certain timings to kickstart a great year with lots of money rolling into your bank. Though there is such a thing called self-fulfilling prophecy, spending your precious time queuing up for hours to deposit a sum of money into your bank account would not give you a lot of money. Planning properly and setting your plans into action would. You do not see rich and wealthy people doing that on Li Chun right?


There are so many more Fengshui myths that I would like to debunk but I shall stop at the above three examples for the time being.