I was deciding what to write in this post when I recalled what my Grab driver told me when I was heading to the airport.

He said no offense but in my religion we don’t respect these kind of people as they are trying to play God. There is only one God in the world and He is Holy.

I just kept quiet and said in my line of work, doing this field for so many years, I have never tried or even want to play God. What I am using is the ancient knowledge and wisdom passed down by our ancestors and it is part of nature. If someone try to sell you the idea that they can play God, then it should sound like bell of warnings to you.

Why I did not refute the driver more? Well, why bother explaining something when it is obvious that the other party already has his preconceptions and is not going to listen to what you have to say. But I thought I can write this down and share my views with my readers.

Let me now set a scenario and ask all of you a question. You are in the kitchen boiling water. What happens to the water after 10 minutes? The answer will be “of course the water will be boiling and hot.” So what happens if you place your hands into the hot water? “You may get scalded”. There you go. All of you are so called “fortune tellers”.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that through the years Man has taken note of the environment and the cycles of life.  There are always patterns in nature which will mould our way of doing things. A simple example will be farmers growing their crops. They know which season to start sowing and by when their efforts will be realized. Everything moves through clockwork but there are possibilities of disruptions. For example, climate change or some big companies came to break their peaceful cycle.

Similarly, everyone goes through similar cycles again and again unless we become aware of the things which no longer serve us well and want to break free of them.

Ever seen someone who is always in an abusive relationship? If you succumb to life as it is, then yes, Life is as such. But why don’t you look at the other side and start thinking? Why is it that I keep falling into the same trap? What can I do to stop this? How should I change my relationship? What should I be looking for in a partner?

The list can go on and on.

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