This post will be more about concluding my 2019 and moving forward to 2020. I will be back with more useful posts moving forward.

2019 has been pretty challenging for me but I am glad I manage to tide through it all well. I hope that every one who is reading this blog of mine overcomes all challenges in your life and may all these challenges make you stronger and becomes your stepping stones to a better life and better YOU!

Next, just like spring cleaning, when some people no longer works well in your life, it is time to remove them. What I meant is when some people becomes so toxic to your life in terms of their actions and thoughts, please leave them. Do not allow such people to further make a bad influence in your lives. Yes, I have also done so for 2019. Move on with my life and want nothing more to do with such people.

Also, as I “spring clean” my friends, I also did massive spring cleaning to my house. Fixing all the cracks which are signs of what may happen and also declutter all the items which no longer serve their purpose. In short, Marie Kondo in action.

It took a lot of push factors for me to revamp my site as I was totally not feeling motivated to do anything for the past year. But my friends kept me going. One of them told me I just need to work one step at a time every day. Well, I took his advice literally. So my new site was only up nearing the end of 2019.

Moving forward to 2020, I hope that I will be able to connect with more people this year and impact more people positively with the skills I have. Wishing all of you a HAPPY 2020!

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